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Saturday, July 10, 2010

SIT-REP Comanche Lookout Park

DATE: 7 Jul 2010

SUBJECT: SIT-REP Comanche Lookout Park

TO: All JRT USMC on the dirt, in the water and in the sky.

FROM: Cpl Abbott (with help from Cpl Bridget.)

Today Papa got up real early to go to 'work' and he woke us all up at 0400. After he left Mama couldn't go back to sleep so she put us out in the dark while she futzed around the house. Then she called us in and put us in the Yella Jeep.

We rode a little ways and stopped at COMANCHE LOOK OUT PARK !!! Yeaaaa!! Its a great park that we'd been to once before with Nature Hounds.

The trails are really cool here. I mean really...there's lots of trees and picnic benches and places to sit and drink water. They're kinda rough hard stuff Mama called asphalt with lotsa gravel. Good grip for paws and tennis shoes. We walked and walked and there were lizards and rabbits and squirrels everywhere. There was even other prints that Bridget said was deer tracks.

We met several other doggie people out with all different kinds of dogs. There were just people walking themselves and some people were running. I think they are called joggers. Bridget wanted to go with them or for Mama to run but Mama says NO, Our Mama doesn't run. And guess what! Today she didn't fall oops at all. And Bridget didn't get too tired either.

We even went up the big hill to the tower. It's not a real castle, somebody just built it up there but its very nice looking. And you could see a long ways off from the bluff just past it. And there's even a water fountain up there with a doggie fountain too. Then we came down the hill and walked some more. We took the easy way down. Mama says there are some motivated people that go up and down the bluff face, but she wasn't that enthusiastic.

When we got back to the jeep, Mama said we walked 2.6 miles in about an hour. Then we had to come home cause she has to take a nap before work today. But we had a really good time and then we came home and we got raw beef heart for our dinner. It finished a perfect day for us.

Bridget and I are expecting Mama to be crashing for her nap soon. We will snuggle up to her and make sure she is comfy. She likes us to do that

So that's my sit-rep. It was a great morning and we'll sleep all day on the bed while she goes to work. I wonder what work is anyway.

Yours Truly
Cpl Abbott and Cpl Bridget
Firebase Cole , TX

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