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Monday, July 12, 2010

My pit bull adventures, or a tragedy waiting to happen

This is just some experiences I myself have had.

I walk several miles a day with my two Jack Russells. I'm 57 years and cannot run so anyone/thing I meet must be dealt with.

Several weeks ago I was walking in a field near a residential area. A beautiful silver pit bull puppy started following us. I believe he'd been at the park getting water from a leaky fountain. He had no collar or tags. I only had my two little dogs and they were very adamant that he was the enemy and should be fought off, but he was totally non agressive and backed away at my insistance. He headed back into the residential area and hopefully home.

Two days ago, Saturday night, I was walking at the high school across the street from us when another young rednosed pitbull started following us. My two again began the growling barking thing and I tried to run him off too. He actually rolled and showed his belly. When I did get him to leave I watched in horror as he ran out into traffic and nearly got hit. Becoming frightened he came back to me.

Being a complete sucker, I pulled my emergency lead out of my fanny pack and looped it around his neck. He had a fancy collar but NO TAGS! I dropped my two Jacks off with my husband who was a bit surprised to see my new friend. Did I mention that my female Jack had already bitten the poor guy once before I realized that she could get to him. Again, no agression on his part.

I took him down to a house on my street that I knew had pitties. They didn't know who he was but had seen him in the neighborhood recently. Luckily the man was willing to take him from me and keep him. He works in a 7-11 store and said he'd post pictures of him around. He like me just thinks the boy got out.

The point of my stories, why in less than a month was I acosted by pitbulls? Now, I love pitbulls, I'm not afraid of them, these were both young dogs, both had collars but no ID tags, both were intact males. Both were playful but non-agressive. I didn't turn them into the pound because of the euthanasia practices against pitbulls. Both times ended as well as could be expected.

I do not understand the thinking of these owners. Do they not think they can get out? Do they not care that their dogs run the risk of death on the streets or death at a pound? Both beautiful young dogs. Both friendly. Both doomed by their owner's lack of care and attention.

Its a trajedy waiting to happen.

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