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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Poem for Trooper.

I am a huge fan of I wrote this for Trooper, Patrick Burns' 16 year old Border Terrier that recently passed. I guess I have enough ego to post it here also. Saylor was his JRT packmate and they hunted together for many years.
I know God loves us, he gave us dogs.

Poem for Trooper.

Run, run, run to the bridge.
Greet your packmate Saylor.
Wag your tail and bow to her
be again the rollicking player.

You will be missed on this plain
of earthen warrens and pipes
where your master still listens
for your voice amongst the dykes.

For you are now one of legend
to those of us who know your name.
Your stories still we will hear
your life is now one of fame.

Be you proud, if dogs are proud,
where game is fast and burrows deep.
Sound off Trooper, nice and loud,
so Master may find you when he sleeps.

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