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Thursday, June 10, 2010

My doggie adventure

I don't know how these things happen to me.

I had a flat tire which caused me to be on a street I'm not normally on. I passed a housing development with high brick fencing all around it. But running down the street was a white blob. I passed him then realized he was a lost dog.

I immediately pulled over to the curb and put my flashers on. (no shoulder on the road). Another car misses him and honks so he's all scared and confused. I get out of the car and hold my hands out and call 'C'mere baby, c'mere.' And he runs right to me. I grab him up and jump back into the jeep and put him in the passenger side. He's a Jack Russell.

He's so happy to be safe again he's giving me doggie kisses. I thought to take him home, but we're in Schertz, not my hometown of Converse (about 10 miles away). So I decided to take him to the ACO because that would be the 1st place his Mama or Papa would look (I hope). He has a collar but NO TAGS! But he also has a collar with a box on it, and Scott, the ACO officer, says its a NO BARK collar. Grrrrr! No chip either.

Of course, they all know me there and Scott looked at me and said 'What's with you and these Jack Russells. Now they're just coming to you off the street.'

So I filled out the 'found' paperwork and Scott says they'll hold him 5 days for the owner to claim him. After that he'll be available for adoption. I'm gonna keep track of him and they know I'll take him before anything bad happens to him. He's a cutie wire haired boy, full grown and fat. I'm sure his people will claim him but they'll have some fines to get him out of jail. No license, no rabies tag.

I hate people who don't take care of their responsibilities.



I called the ACO today and am pleased to advise that 'Baby' as I referred to him, was picked up by his very upset Mama. Not only was she worried to death, but she got a fine for no license, no rabies tag and dog running at large. If she'd only had an ID tag on him, I would have brought him home for free.

While I don't always agree with the ACO system, I was happy to hear that she was punished monetarily for allowing her little one to be exposed to dangers like other loose dogs, wild animals like snakes and being injured or killed by cars on a very busy street. I hope the family will learn to take better care of the little soul entrusted to their care.

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