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Friday, June 11, 2010

Rescued Rescuer

I would never believe that I would write poetry. I write stories, and even a novel or two, but poetry always seemed something a little boring and a lot prim. But I find I can express myself better emotionally with a verse. This is being used by a wonderful lady, Christine Camp, for her program the Alberta Russell Rescue Organization.

Thanks Christine for your great work. You are an Angel on Earth.

Rescued Rescuer
by Debi Cole

Yes, my new baby, my puppy, my child.
I see all your baggage and to me it is mild.
I have some too; some memories to share,
But I'll take you home first and get comfy there.

I'll tell you the stories of joyous times past
and for me the bitter-sweetness will always last.
I'll tell you of Racer and Bonnie and Tiger and Gem.
They once had your place some long past time when.

I'll remember them with sorrow, and speak of my pain
But from my sad losses will come your happy gain.
You see, my new lovely, they taught me so fine
Of how to care for you and to help your hurt mind.

How to feed you, and walk you and how to properly train
So that I can understand you and all of your pain.
I know you've been hurt, starved, frightened and left
I know that you're wanting to start over in a new nest.

So, my dear, we'll face our tomorrows together
We'll walk side by side in all kind of weather
We'll work very hard to heal our hearts old hurts
Our new lives from now on will prove both our worths.

So come to me gently, so lay by me here
So that in our new partnership we will give and get cheer
We will pledge our devotion to one and the other
We will share our new lives and our love to each other.

(to the memory of my lost little ones)

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