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Saturday, May 29, 2010

What is a JRT Marine

Well, I belong to a wonderful group of people who have Jack Russells. In our many discussions it became apparent that JRTs make perfect Marines. They are loyal, faithful, tenacious, proud and always look good.

So within our group, Jack_RussellsUSMC, our little fur kids are considered Marines. So once in a while, My Cpl Abbott or Cpl Bridget will make a Sit Rep Report to the rest of the group. Here's the latest one.

SUBJECT: Nature Hounds Recon @ Eisenhower Pk

TO: Cpl JR Dugan and all the JRTs on the ground, in the air and on the sea and his boss too

DATE: 29 May 2010

Dear Cpl JR

Mama says I have to write this one cause she's 'a whipped puppy'. I think she's too old to be a puppy but that's what she says.

She got us up early this morning, packed all our stuff in the big car and put us in the back seat. We rode a long time and when we got where we were going it was really different from Fire base Cole.

It was reaaally rocky and everything was going up and down. It wasn't flat hardly at all. We met with several other Mamas and their kinds of soldiers. There was a medium black terrier girl, a big fuzzy Aussy girl, a medium sized black lab boy, a black/brown Malinois boy and a HUGE brown Dane guy. Everyone was really friendly except the Malinois who had a red wild rag around his neck. He growls at me and I growl back then Bridget jumps in and starts yelling at him that nobody messes with HER pack-mate. Mama and his mama pulls us apart and we all got quiet again.

Then we started the hike, Mama says it was NOT a walk. We walks awhile on kinda uphill path then boy howdy it got really vertical all of a sudden. Sometimes it was like big ole stair steps and that was hard but we could jump to the top and wait for Mama. But at one point it was like a ladder thing that reached about 3 times as high as Mama. Boy did she huff and puff on that one. She had to use her hands as paws and climb up that way, and we were trying to pull her up but we just couldn't.

Finally we got to the top but going down was just as bad. All rocky and gravelly and slippy cause the rocks wouldn't sit still. The lady with the terrier girl fell oops on her tail and it hurt her feelings. They walked with us for a little while but then they took a short cut back. But not Mama, she was the slowest one there even though we tried to help her. That left 3 other mamas and us.

The other ladies was real good on the trail, real skinny and healthy. But Mama and the us walked slower. Then, dad-burn it a rock rolled under Mama and she fell oops too. But she picked herself up and off we go again. The other ladies were waiting up aways and we all sat and rested for a little bit. After that, the Malinois lady and Mama walked together and talked about us pups. She found her boy in a park all by himself lost and alone so he loves her so much he wants to protect her from other dogs. Bridget and I told him we was once lost too, so we understand and we three got to be pals and nobody growled or nothing.

At the tail end of the walk Bridget pooped out on the trail. We had to wait for her to cool down and she drank a lot of water, almost two bottles. I only wanted a little cause I knew I was in charge and had to take care of Mama and Her too. We walked a little slower and finally got back to the trail-head and the big car. We all said good bye and we got into the big car and Mama turned on the A C button and the car got really cool. It was wonderful!

Finally we got back to Firebase Cole and we slept for 3 whole hours on the big nest while Mama and Papa went to see a movie thingy.

So, we all had a wonderful day except for when Mama went oops and Bridget got tuckered out. But now we ate dinner and we all feel much better. Mama says she's proud of all of us, including herself, for lasting on the Rough Trail at Eisenhower park.

Abbott Cole, Cpl, JRTMC
Cpl in charge of Firebase Cole

Just a quick note from me. It was a hell of a march and much rougher than I anticipated, and I embarrassed myself by falling, but I have a real sense of accomplishment for finishing the trail. Bridget overheated herself again by getting too excited and trying to do everything the hard way but she got over it quickly thank goodness.

I feel very lucky to have found this group and I'm looking forward to going out again.

Debi, too pooped to pop.

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