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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Doggie Dash and Russell Rescue

Yesterday I spent the morning at the Schertz Doggie Dash advertising for Russell Rescue. It was fun and maybe I did some good. Out of about 500 people, I guess I talked to about 50 and had good conversation with around 10 of those.

Talked to a Personal Trainer who wants a JRT as soon as son gets out of college and she can relax a bit. She took contact info for the future.

Talked to someone who just lost a terrier mix and they took info on a dog.

Talked to an older lady who didn't want to bother with raising another dog, though she missed her old dog (rainbow bridge) and loved terriers. I told her there are LOTS of older dogs out there that need homes. She got an aha look on her face and took contact info.

A lady walked up and announced she had 5 JRTs, one of which she just found. She's an ANGEL! Loved swapping stories with her.

Enjoyed Diamond Dachshund Rescue, and saw a twin for Abbott, except for slightly different face, different ears, and different tail set. Possibly from the same puppy mill. His name is Marty cause he's a parti...colored. No seriously, probably second or third cousins. Also saw a horribly scarred dog from acid on his back, and a baby puppy I think was from them also. Probably from a pregnant Mama.

Talked to Austin Boxer Rescue about white deaf Boxers. Too sad about what the AKC is doing to their dogs. Closed breeding is NOT a blessing, but a curse. So happy JRTCA refused AKC and best of luck to the Parsons out there.

Silvers came through with a donation of food. Lovely people, I went by later and got some alfalfa and wormer for Scarlet. They get my money every time because they are so good to RR. I was invited to the store on vaccination day to set up my little table again. Maybe some farmers who would want ratters will show up. That would be awesome.

Petco @ IH 281 also very nice. Donated some food too and helped me put table in the jeep.

Talked to a young man with a very bad Afghan Hound that he obviously loved. She was probably bred to the hilt but was too small, no curl in tail and had a coat like a dust mop, but he bragged on her for quite a while. I love watching owner and dog devotion. She obviously worshipped him too. So nice to see that. Talked of a Golden and a JRT abandoned at the kennel he got her. They rehomed the Golden and kept the JRT. Nice people even if they can't breed dogs.

Met lots of adopted/rescued dogs. Lots and lots. All shapes and sizes, one possible JRT/Dachshund mix. Very cute. Black mottled DH color but with Bridget legs.

Probably accidentally insulted Chihuahua owner. Big dog for Chi, looked heathy and happy. Again, long legs and good body. When I mentioned possible Rat/JRT blood I hurt his feelings, but the dog was obviously much healthier than a lot of the Chis there.

Very warm, humid day just wore me out. I was glad I didn't bring the pups. I couldn't have kept up with them.

When I got home, we went to lunch and then I came home and crashed for 4 hr nap. It was a good day.

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