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Friday, May 21, 2010


I was listening to a local radio show as the host was discussing Immigration. A Hispanic man called and said that he thought that all the Anglos should go home back to Germany, England etc.

I immediately got angry as my people had come here legally under Mexican rule, followed all the laws and then rebelled, along with a lot of Hispanics against the rule of Santa Anna. My family has probably been in Texas longer than his. Land always belongs to the winners of wars. We didn't buy it, we weren't invited, we won it.

I had to stop myself from calling in to remind him that his forefathers took their land away from an indigenous people. If we followed his theory there would be large Aztec Pyramids all over San Antonio and his beloved Christ would never have left Jerusalem. Or would that have been the Incas or the Mayans.

If we're doing such a bad job in the southwest, then why are all the honest hard working Mexicans trying so hard to cross the border to get jobs here in the USA? Why are honest Mexicans hiding in their houses at night fearing for their lives?

What is wrong with the Arizona law that merely asks that one identifies themselves. National ID Card? Why not? We already have state ID cards and we, all of us, have to show them along with proof of insurance every time we interact with any government agency. It's called a Driver's License. And if you can't drive a car, its an ID card.

Its not the poor Mexican emigrant that we fear, the one who only wants to get here to better himself. Just get a Green card and come on over, always more room for the law abiding. Its the crooks who want, not to improve themselves, but to drag everyone down into their morass of evil and fear. They are killing the very people who would help them if they needed it.

Don't fear the dark children, look into the light and fear the monsters there.

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