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Sunday, August 29, 2010

life and animals

Dogs are worth more than any money from any where. When the ambulance came for me last March my little man, all 8 inches and 14 pounds, attacked the EMTs. The big ole policeman had to come and get him out of the room. Luckily he was the K-9 cop and knew how to handle dogs so no one got hurt.

After this experience death seems to be in my thoughts. It's like I can see it more clearly. Waking up in the hospital with a tube in my lungs changed my whole perception of life. I want to live it as fully as possible without fear. I want to walk even if I fall down. I want to ride even if I fall off. I want to see the world and enjoy it even at the expense of comfort for me. BUT it will not cause discomfort for my animals. They are always foremost in my mind.

Life goes on and in very unexpected ways. Abbott and Bridget are very much in my life. My doctor once said that if it weren't for my animals I'd be dead by now. They ARE my reason for living. Once several years ago before I got my condition under control, I couldn't ride Scarlet and I couldn't even walk the dogs. But every morning I would get up, go feed Scarlet and clean her pen, sit down and cough for a while then come home and feed and play with the dogs then cough some more and go back to bed until work time. They were an effort but they were/are MY responsibly.

Scarlet will NEVER be sold and should live another 10 years (she's 21, getting older for a horse). Abbott is 7 and Bridget 4 so I'm counting on at least 10 more years for them. When I lose each of them, I will make a decision. I predict that I will always get more dogs, probably rescues. I don't know about the horse because by then I'll be 67. Maybe an older rescue horse for just easy riding. That will depend on finances. I figure that there will always be a sad, hurt, frightened dog that needs me and I will need him just much as I've needed these two. I figure that the best tribute to my little lost ones is to get one of their kin to love...not to take their place but to make their own spot in my life.

Why? Because they are my priceless gems. Some people collect diamonds and dollars but I think I collect little hearts. I would rather feel them beating under my hand or next to me in the night than have all the gold in the world.

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