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Sunday, December 19, 2010


I've been very remiss in posting. My life has taken a turn. I'm retiring from my 911 operator job because I cannot handle any more stress like I have been doing. I can't go into details because some are pending court cases but just say talking to murderers, suicides and utterly stupid people have taken its toll. I am trying to get my Class B license renewed but that's taking more effort than I expected.

But the good news is my walking with Nature Hounds is going fabulously. The pups and I easily finished a 5 mile walk and actually could have done more. The lovely lady with me is from Rumania and we were having fun, at least I was, attempting a conversation. Note my new walking stick. Its a Brazos Hickory 55 inches and is sooo much better than my old walking cane.

Scarlet is doing wonderfully. I bought her some
Yucca to help her through the cold months.
She is fat, fluffy and frisky. Just the way she
should be at 22 years of age. What a wonderful
life we've had together. And look...Spots! It
only took her two decades to get them.

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  1. Debi, I am so proud of you, you look fabulous! Healthy and happy and just glowing with confidence. Looks like you are indeed having a wonderful time. Scarlett looks lovely too. I hope one day in the very near future to actually get to your neck of the woods and spend some time with you can your lovely animals.