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Friday, July 2, 2010

Why some people should be hurt.

In my humble opinion, there are people who should be hurt.

I'm on a list for a dog rescue group. So, I often hear about dogs that need help and people who need hurt. A good friend of mine often states there are too many people who need killing, but not enough bullets or time.

Today I learned of a 13 year old lady dog who was turned into a shelter because the owner, a Minister by the way, got a calling from her god to go and do something else with her life. Notice this god is in small letters. I do not accept nor respect a god who calls someone to desert a helpless animal at a shelter.

Can you even imagine how this poor little angel must feel? Thrown into a cold cage and surrounded by others in the same plight? Abandoned by the only people she had ever known. People whom she had loved deeply and faithfully. My heart breaks for her. Even if adopted she will take a long time to recover.

Then there's the browbeaten woman who's getting a divorce and her estranged asshole told her to 'get rid of the dogs or he'd do it for her'. My first question is if she's getting a divorce why the hell should she do anything he tells her to do? I have a few others but they get pretty messy. I've tried to get in touch but to no avail so far. My husband is not happy with me. I want both dogs. Well, I want them both safe.

I deal with stupid people every day. I think that humanity took a biological diversification along about the beginning of the 20th century. We split, just like the Neanderthal and the Cro-Magnum did. Before then, people who were that stupid and mean were usually killed by some lawman or someone meaner and smarter than him. But starting about 1890 the law came to the land and a 'kinder gentler' time began. They didn't hang people anymore for murder, rape or horse thieving. They went to jail and continued to spoil the gene pool. I'll have to put the whole thing down again for the blog.

Anyway, I have a real hatred for these types who demonstrate a complete lack of morality and sensibility. I guess I can state is succinctly by saying...

Yes, I'm a prejudiced person. Now, I don't care what color, race, ethnicity, financial class, religion or nationality you are. However, I am deeply prejudiced against Assholes. If you are one, please stay far away from me, or I will hurt you.

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