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Sunday, June 13, 2010

SITREP: Home Invasion

From the POV of Cpl Bridget, JRT USMC Cpl

Ooh, le'me tell it, le'me tell it!!

Okay, ruff, go ahead. But remember...

Okay, okay, I remembers.

FROM: Fire-base Cole

TO: JRTUSMCs all over the place

DATE: (what's a date?) {today of course, those numbers I told you.} (oh, okay)
DATE: 13 June 2010

Deer fella JRTMarines

I git to tell this cause it was me. Well, I gotta say, it was both of us, but I caught it and Abbott kilt it. First tho, Abbott sez I gotta set the stage.

We wuz all in the big nest all warm and comfy asleep early this morning when we hears something in the den. I wants to go see, but Abbott sez we gotta warn Mama. Sos we start barking. Mama sits up in the bed and finds her glasses and grabs the big ole iron noiseybang gun she keeps under the mattress.

She looks around kinda bleary eyed and calls out 'Dave is that you?'. Of course it's not Papa. Ifn it was Papa we wouldn't abarked. She sits in the nest and listens real sharp like. Then she hears it too. A noise...inside the house...a strange noise.

Well, hit ain't coming to the nest room, sos we go to guard alert. But silly Mama gets outta the nest and gos a loo kin carrying a holt of the iron gun thing. Well, we hears the noise agin and we go with her down the hall. Then I sees it!

Its a noisy birdy from the chimbley. Them dadburned birds have a nest in there and been making noises fer a week now. One of them has made the mistake of a-comming the wrong way down the chimbley and into the big room. Hes aflying and running into things.

Mama puts the noisy bang gun thing down on the bookshelf. I'm happy cuz I knows what it can do and I'm a little scairt of it. But now, its safe and the bird is mine. Abbott is chasing it around the room but hits too fast for him. Sos I come up and it hits the winder/door and I snatches it right out of the air and crunch down. Then I picks it up and takes it to Mama and drops it on the floor.

Well, she don't look real happy at first but she knows this is what happens to home invaders. I think she's just shocked and maybe surprised. Cause she looks at it and then says to finish it. Well, I knows we got to now cause I done kilt it but its still moving. So, Abbott, being senior Cpl an all, grabs it up and shakes it like a good terrier. Feathers fly everywhere and its ded.

Mama looks at us, says what good Marines we are and ask s ifn we want to go out. Sos we go outside and run and bark and pee like wes susposed to.

Yeah! We guarded Mama, guarded the house and kilt the invader. We good JRT Marines. Yeah!

(is that okay?) {Yea, now Mama will check it and sign it for you, you did good.} (No bro, we done good.)

Yours truly
Bridget Cole, Cpl
Firebase Cole, JRT Marines.

FROM: Firebase Cole


DATE: DATE: 13 June 2010

Okay, the pups scared about 5 years off me this morning.

I was sound asleep at approximately 0500, when Abbott started barking. Bridget was standing next to him but not barking. Of course this wakes me up and I grab my glasses and my 38. I sit up in the bed and don't hear anything at first, then I call out for Dave. He knows better to come into the bedroom unannounced when he's not supposed to be at home. (He's at Lake Sam Rayburn on a fishing tournament.) But no, its not him.

Then I hear it, a flopping noise. And then something being knocked over. So I get up and call the dogs to me and we go down the hallway, Abbott in the lead and Bridget behind me. She's afraid of a gun, probably from her feral days. Then I see it. Its a barn swallow, or mud swallow. We have a community nest in the chimney. A youngster has come down the flu and is trapped in the house. It flies down to about about a 3 ft level and that the end of it. Bridget gets it and its pretty much dead, if still breathing. So, regrettably, I let the pups finish the job. Abbott picks it up and crushes it. Poor thing. It made a bad choice this morning.

But, nevertheless, my two Marines guardians did their jobs like well oiled machines. I was awakened to an intruder, they accompanied me on patrol, and the invader was dispatched in a quick lightening strike attack. So its now 0715. I can have my oatmeal, and head to the barn before it gets too warm.

Hoorah, my little Marines, Hoorah.

Debi, Cpl Abbott, Cpl Bridget and Capt Scarlet the horse Marine

"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion." - Unknown

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